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Entrevista Christian Stenner – Pegasus Spiele


Esta é uma das muitas mini entrevistas previstas (aguardamos ainda por várias…) daqui até à realização da feira de Essen. A primeira foi feira a Christien Stenner da Pegasus Spiele. Esperamos que vos agrade. Por nos faltar tempo as entrevistas estão todas em inglês (estamos abertos a tradutores que as queiram traduzir para português!).

JogoEu (JE) – Tell us a little more about the new Pegasus Spiele games for Essen.

Christian Stenner (CS) –  We try to publish something every month over the year, but for the Essen and Nuremberg time publications gather, because this is always the latest time we want to have a game ready for the sales. There is a lot of German role-playing publications coming, especially the Rhein-Ruhr-Komplex for Shadowrun – a product only available in German then describing the area where I was living before I came to Pegasus and the last issue of our Call of Cthulhu magazine Cthuloide Welten filled up with everything left to publish.

There will be the long awaited second part of Quest including a cool dragon. There be the second Edition of Deluxe Illuminati (German version), several sequels to our bestsellers like Munchkin, Thunderstone, Werwoelfe (German versions) and Mondo.

We will by then have published Onirim, Fluxx, Al Capone for the Mystery Rummy series, Nightfall, Zum Blauen Drachen (Red Dragon Inn 2).

We already published in the past weeks Korsaren der Karibik(Merchants&Marauders), Zombie Dice, Munchkin Zombies(German versions) and Strasbourg as the main titles.

 (JE) – What is the Pegasus Spiele game that you expected more atention in Essen?

(CS) – Strasbourg was on the list of the Kenner-Spiel des Jahres and should therefore get the most attention. At the end of the day, many table will be occupied by playing Munchkin Zombies 1+2, I guess. You see, this is very difficult to say. we have a lot of great titles in Essen, you´ll never know what titles draw the most attention of the people.

(JE) – Do you have some preference for some of the new games? Why?

(CS) – My personal favorite games are Strasbourg and Korsaren der Karibik. I like Strasbourg for its perfectness and Korsaren for the huge mass of possibilities the game offers and the great pirate feeling it manages to carry over.

 (JE) – Do you think to have a new Spiel des Jahres 2012 candidate in the new games? Which of them? Why?

(CS) – Korsaren der Karibik is my favorite candidate for the Kenner Spiel des Jahres so far, but it is still too early after the last nominations to make a guess. There is more great games coming from our publishing department until Nuremberg 2012, there will  be hot candidates for both prizes Spiel des Jahres and Kenner-Spiel des Jahres.

 (JE) – What are your expectations for this year in Essen?

(CS) – I hope to meet a lot of people like you from all over the world. I also hope, people will continue to enjoy our games – we put a lot of effort into them, trying to make them as good as possible.

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