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Hippodice 2013 – Vencedores


O concurso Hippodice é um dos mais conceituados na Alemanha e muitos dos jogos que ali ganham notariedade acabam por encontrar editoras disponíveis para os editar.

A edição deste ano já fez vencedores…

RomaROMA – Kampf um die Überreste Roms de Steffen Brückner (Alemanha)


Steam Noir: Revolution de Daniel Danzer (Alemanha)


Rothenberg de Phil Walker-Harding (Austrália)

A curiosidade reside agora em saber quais destes chegarão ao mercado!

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  1. 2013/03/18 19:47


    Thanks for sharing these news here! As the game designer of 2nd winner “Steam Noir: Revolution” I can say, that we have not only started its crowdfunding campaign last Wednesday, but that it already reached its goal. So yes, this will be done!

    Different than at many other projects, this will be printed in a small number of copies and ONLY sent directly to the supporters. There will be NO wide DISTRIBUTION of this edition afterwards. Why? Because we cannot afford the work to provide this (we are no company!) and the risk to print many more games in advance. There is the possibility for retailers to support us and get games for selling them, but the only way to secure you a copy (and other rewards) is to support it directly.

    The video and rules are online, and a Print and play-version is available to try the game. So feel free to look around on the project page, and / or contact me:


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