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Interview – Reiner Stockhausen


JogoEu(JE) – (1)Hello Reiner we have some questions to you about you new game – Orléans – and some other issues game related. Thank you for accept our request to this interview.

Orléans was the last release of DLP your own creation. Many reviewers have stated that it is your best design ever. Do you agree with these opinions?

Reiner Stockhausen(RS) – Hmm. I don’t want to make a ranking of my own games, but I don’t disagree.

JE – (2)How did this arrive to you? Do you still remember when was the moment you realized you had a good game in hands?

RS – I wouldn’t publish a game, when I think, there is something wrong with it. I knew the special in this game are the different strategic ways and the attraction is to try these ways. The basic idea – to perform actions by sampling tokens and to combine those tokens is similar to Siberia. I knew, this was good and many people liked it and my concept was, to develop a more complet and strategic game based on this idea.

JE- (3)How do you explain so many games have been presented with bagbuilding mechanism? Do you think there has been espionage? 😀

RS – Yes, my friends from NSA… 😉 No, I have developed this mechanism from the basic idea to perform actions by combining different tokens. As I already told you, I used a related mechanism in Siberia. I don’t know, how the other authors developed their mechanism.

JE – (4)There is criticism of the excessive power of the Bathhouse building. Do you agree? Do you have any suggestions to change this possible problem in the game balance?

RS – On my website is a comment regarding the bathhouse (also see my comment below)

JE – (5)From what I understand there is already a second edition of the game on the way. Are you able to confirm this information?

RS – Yes, second printrun was just released. The first edition was sold out after the fair in Essen.

JE – (6)You already have contacts to sell the license of the game to other markets? What can you told us about these?

RS – Ask me in 10 days and I can tell you more. For the european market there will not be other publishers for the moment, but I will cooperate with others – publishers or distributors.

JE – (7)I assume that the future in the DLP is already being prepared. What will you bring us in the near future?

RS – In the near future there will be one or some extensions for Orléans. And I hope I can present a good big game again in october 2015 on the fair in Essen.

As Reiner Stockhausen answer about the Bathhouse issue. See below his suggestions:

There is a comment about the bathhouse and other things on my website: HERE – It’s in german!

To explain you shortly:

It’ not impossible to win against the bathhouse, but there are some issues with this tile, so there are some suggestions for it.

1st: Don’t play with the bathhouse, if you think, this tile does not fit in the game. You still have the choice between 19 place tiles and you can’t use them all in a game.
2nd – You only take 2 character tokens, chose one and put the other one back in the bag (official)
3rd – You have to perform the action bathhouse always first (so you cannot perform actions twice)
4th – Bathhouse is a place tile of category II
5th – The chosen caracter tokens can’t be used in the current round. You put them on action spaces after phase 5
6th – Not a farmer but a monk is required to activate the action.

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