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Entrevista a Simon Villiot


Há bem pouco tempo publicámos um pequeno artigo sobre Celestia, um jogo que será editado pela francesa BLAM!.

Entretanto conseguimos chegar à fala com Simon Villiot, um dos mentores deste projeto ainda muito jovem, que muito amavelmente nos respondeu algumas questões relacionadas com o jogo.

Aqui fica a entrevista!

1 – How different is Celestia from Cloud 9?

Simon: The core of the game remains the same. We have reactualized the thema of the game as well as its mechanisms. We aimed to create a universe, tell stories and make the game a little more tactical and clever. We will soon publish a long article on Tric Trac detailing all the changes.

2 – Why have you chose to “rebuild” Cloud 9?

Simon: When we replayed Cloud9, we had been seduced again. Everyone, family, children and even experienced gamers may like the game. It has been appreciated unanimously among our group of players and all the people who played it wanted to start a new game. We felt that this was a good sign. So we quickly got in touch with Aaron.

3 – What role take the author (Aaron Weissblum) throughout this re-edition process?

Simon: Aaron has really given us carte blanche. We submitted to him regularly our rules modification proposals and he has always agreed. He has immediately liked our editorial choices and the artistic direction.

4 – One of the best in this game seems to be (at least for me) the ilustration work of Gaetan Noir. Could you tell us more about this artist?

Simon: Gaétan is a young illustrator from Lyon. We got in touch with him because he worked on several projects which were close to the atmosphere we wanted for Celestia. He showed immediately a high motivation and he got involved in the project. Together with Claude (our artistic director), they really managed to give a soul to Celestia.

5 – When will be the game release to the market? How much will it cost? Will it have language dependence? Will it be released only in french or multilanguage?

Simon: Celestia should cost € 25. A first trilingual version (French, English and Dutch) will be available in September. However, the game hardware has no text.
We are currently signing agreements (thanks to our partnership with Blackrock) for a distribution in other countries.
So we hope that it will soon be available in your country.

Thank you Simon and good luck to BLAM! 😉

Agora resta esperar pelo lançamento do jogo para o testar e darmos a nossa opinião em tempo oportuno…

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