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Entrevista Thomas Spitzer


pic2590044_t Thomas Spitzer é um designer alemão de 47 anos que vive em Dortmund e que saltou para a ribalta com a criação da triologia do carvão –  Ruhrschifffahrt 1769-1890Kohle & KolonieHaspelknecht. O JogoEu (JE) teve a oportunidade de lhe fazer uma perguntinhas sobre jogos de tabuleiro, as suas influências e expectativas para o futuro. Eis as suas respostas:

JogoEu (JE) – How did the board games enter your life?

Thomas Spitzer (TS) – I play board games since the early 80´s. My football-youth-coach has infected me. It was also the beginning-time of DSA RPGs in germany, i played it a lot of. We also played Risiko, Jumbojet, Willow and “The Warlock of Firetop Mountain”.

JE – How did the idea to create games came to you?

TS – First, you must have creativity! It was a time in the 90´s when there were no other players for board games in my life. It was my family-time. As substitute for playing board games i started to create games.

JE- The coal trilogy points out that you have a special interest in the subject of mining extraction. Is there any particular reason for this?

TS – Not realy. In the beginning to start with Ruhrschifffahrt (2005)i lived near the Ruhr-River. My Idea was, to create a game of my Region, a good historical board-game. The idea was weird, it would take a long time. But i was sure that this idea, the story of Ruhrschifffahrt, was unique.

JE – Where did you get the inspiration to create the three titles of the trilogy?

TS – See also answer 3 – After Ruhrschifffahrt i had collect a lot of information about coal-mining in my region. It was a interesting story and the hype of Ruhrschifffahrt was the motivation for more but the idea for the trilogy came from the Publisher.

JE – Haspelknecht has not achieved the attention that it perhaps deserved, do you agree with this? In your opinion what are the reasons for that?

TS – Quite the reverse! In Holland it´s nominated for the expert game, for 2016 we have a 2nd Edition and also an Expansion later this year.

JE – What were the reasons for the Haspelkneck to “flee” to Quined?

TS – Sorry , no response possible. It´s a long story…

JE – For the futuro, , what can we expect from Thomas Spitzer? Is there anything new prepared to come out this year? (If so, describe us some of the project)

TS – First we have the 2nd Edition of Haspelknecht and later this year the Haspelknecht -Expansion. New Version´s of Kohle & Kolonie & Ruhrschifffahrt is possible too for 2017/2018 by Quined. On my table at home is a new idea – A game about the regional beer history here in my hometown Dortmund. Workerplacement-Style 4 / 5 Players.

JE – Do you play with some frequency? Is there any specific game which you prefer?

TS – 50/50 – At the moment i play my beer-game for 4 Palyers alone at home – haha. I travel every Monday to Herne (Spielezentrum) for playing with friends and 2 times/month i visit a gamersgroup here in Dortmund.
I like Puerto Rico, Lancaster & Orleans. Also i like some of the M. Wallace & Rosenberg Games and Nippon is very cool, at the moment my fav.

JE – In this moment there is a group of portuguese designers that every year release games which are well recognized by international critics. Do you know any of this works?

TS – What´s your Game ? there form portugal ? I posses Nippon & Madeira / mesa bordgame – panamax.

JE – Have you ever visited Portugal?

TS –  No!

JE – Thank you Thomas!

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  1. Hugo permalink
    2016/05/09 12:32

    Boa entrevista 🙂


  1. Haspelknecht 2nd print | JogoEu

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