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Mini interview: Simone Luciani


ax-slucianiThis is the mini interview to Simone Luciani, one of the new great generation of italian boardgames designers, that will present Lorenzo Il Magnifico this year at Essen 2016.

Enjoy it!

JogoEu (JECould you please make us a brief review of the concept of Lorenzo Il Magnifico?

Simone Luciani (SL)A german Worker placement very tight and strategic. The central idea of the game is that the workers of all players have value equal to three colored common dices. With this mechanic each player can “build” 4 different kind of cards: the structure of the game. Another special element is the leader: variable powers that players can use only satisfying some requirements.


JEWhen do you start this project? Tell us the background of the first ideias.

SL – I saw the game about 4 years ago, and I liked the idea of the dices and the “production” mechanics. Virginio and Flaminia worked a lot on the game and presented it to Hans im Gluck. They liked the game, work on it for a year but didn’t publish it. At the same time I started to work for Cranio Creation so I asked to Virginio and Flaminia if they’d like to publish with Cranio Creations. So I had the opportunity to work on the game.


JEWhat kind of public do you you think will love Lorenzo Il Magnifico?

SLGamers who like medium-heavy German game like Mombasa or Grand Austria Hotel.

JE – Tell us some funny story linked with the development of the game and the team work you have with Flaminia and Virginio.

SLUsually we work together, but in this game i worked alone on the game Virginio sent to Cranio. This is because when i started to work on the game i thought i’d fix
only some element. But i liked very much to develop this game, and i had a lot of ideas, so i countinued to add me to add idea and elements. I discuss with Virginio and
Flaminia by mail all the changes, then we met for a full gaming weekend and we tested the “new” version, fix something and we agreed that the game was giving the best. The game was nearly to close.


JEDo you will be in Essen to promote the game?

SL – Yes!

JEFrom all the announced games which catch your attention the most?

SL – Great Western Trail.

JEThank you very much Simone for your answers, we sure our readers will love them!


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